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Hey guys,

I just want to inquire more on dx10

Q1)Do I need to download dx10 online or will it automatically download while I installing fsx?

Q2)What exactly will dx10 do to my fsx ??


Thx guys hope a positive response

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1. DX10 is automatically a part of Vista, Win 7, Win 8, and now Win 10. So you need to do nothing.


1B. Your FSX must be SP2, FSX Acceleration, FSX Gold, or FSX Steam.


2. Cause taxiways to jump and flicker. And make many FS2004 textures show up white especially AI models because many of those were painted for FS2004.

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As stated earlier, you must be using Windows Vista or later.


Also, you must be using Windows Vista or later if you decide to purchase Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer. In my opinion, DX10 Scenery Fixer is a "must have" piece of software if you want to take full advantage of DX10 in FSX. The software was developed by Steve Parsons. It fixes nearly all of the problems that had been associated previously with the use of DX10 in FSX. It eliminates the flickering taxiway lines that used to be present when running FSX with DX10 enabled. It can also eliminate the blank textures that were present when using legacy aircraft while DX10 was enabled. The list of fixes is very long. Enabling DX10 in FSX along with using Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer makes FSX beautiful.


See Steve's DX10 Fixer at Mutley's Hangar for a glowing and convincing review of the value of Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer. Then realize that what you have read is a review of an early version of the software. The latest version has numerous improvements and additional fixes.

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The software provides the ability to select and tweak fixes. However, it appears DX10 Scenery Fixer is no longer available from FlightSim Store. There is conjecture that its code may be incorporated into a new flight simulator that is being developed by others. Purely conjecture, but I hope it's true.
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I've been using Steve's freeware DX10 fixes for quite a while now (Shader Release Version 3.2.3), which addresses flickering markings and runways, opaque fences, missing progressive taxi markings, VC shadows improvements, etc. I think the payware version might do more, but the freeware I downloaded quite some time ago is just fine for me.
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I can highly recommend Steve's Fixer for DX10. It sorts the most common DX10 problems by default and there are plenty of additional options that you can select. For me, one of the best reasons to use the Fixer/DX10 was the cockpit shadows which make FSX so much more immersive.




Cockpit shadows are missing in DX9 and just add to my motion-induced nausea (one more step toward "as real as it gets") when "flying."




I have used freeware version - which fixed many of the issues described in DX10. Since I felt Steve did such a great job, I went ahead and paid for his full-version of the fix.


Steve's DX10 fixer is great but won't fix everything. AA, for example, is still better in DX9, and there are still some features in certain aircraft that will not work in DX10, even with the fixer (the targeting camera/screen in the Aerosoft F-14, for example).


But even with the downsides of using DX10, with Steve's fixer, I do not fly without it.


Just curious - why are you thinking of switching to DX10? If you're having major problems running FSX in DX9, running DX10 won't fix them. Although I will say that I find it rare to have instances of OOM's since I switched to DX10.


Good luck,



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