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13 Extra FREE Liveries for Boeing B221A Monomail


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Hi Good People,


The Ford Project Team has just released 13 extra FREE textures for the Monomail - adding to the original 25 - so now a total of 38 unique and vivid repaints available for your flight sim enjoyment with this classic vintage girl.




I recommend that you spend a few minutes and check out the slideshow to see what is now available:


Slideshow: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/counter/Extra-Counter/click.php?id=75


If you want to just jump in and grab a handful of liveryes below is a direct link:


Direct Link: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/misc-2-aircraft.htm#Boeing%20221A


While your at the site - have a look around - tons of interesting FREE stuff available for you to enjoy.


Also don't forget the Jigsaw Puzzles - a great relaxing diversion from your busy flying schedule. You will find them on the Puzzle Page - almost 500 of them to choose from.......... again all for free.


Anyway - that's it for now - Edward and I will be back with some more exciting stuff early in the new year - wishing all simmers have a great Christmas and a good start to the new year.




Your Ford Project Team

Edward C. Moore and

Garry J. Smith

Garry J. Smith (Texture Tinkerer)

Home Site http://www.gjsmith.net

Project Site http://www.ford-tri-motor.net

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