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oneWorld Virtual Alliance


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Hello one and all! Welcome to a new age of flight simulation and virtual airlines and alliances! A new virtual alliance called oneworld Virtual Alliance has started and is looking for dedicated team members and pilots to help build a flight simulation community like never before! We feature over a dozen different airlines, all under ONE callsign! We also offer thousands of routes to choose from as well as a care-free and friendly environment! Coming up in December, we have UKATC's Christmas Party event featuring a 3-4 hour group flight with air traffic control the whole way! oneworld Virtual is pleased to announce the integration of SmartCARS 2.0 with real world routes provided by OAG featuring the main airlines plus their affiliates! We currently use the VAFS system to monitor and track flights, however that is changing soon! If you are interested in any way, shape or form, please visit http://oneworldv.org for more information!




oneworld Virtual Alliance


Josh Menzel


Fleet and Schedules Director

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