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Help with designating active runways


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Hello everyone, did a few searches and didn't quite come up with an answer for this.


I'm still learning FSX, and in turn learned there is not an AFCAD for this version, but downloaded ADE.


My question revolves around ATC designations for active runways for PHNL


By default, FSX (when using real world weather) only gives the option for either 4R/4L or 8 water. How do I go about making the other runways available, take priority, or close the 4's. I can't imagine heavies often use the 4's on a regular basis, so it's frustrating not to have the option to use the others.


Any advise, threads, or websites someone can point me to? I can't find in ADE how to do this.


Thank you! :D

- James


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Regardless of weather, you should be able to choose from any of the runways.


How exactly are you choosing the runway?


Do you have any addon scenery for HNL?


You can close the 4's for landing in ADE, however for it to work you have to also close the 22's for landing.


There are ways to make FSX think all runways are parallel and there is a tutorial for crosswind runways at FSDeveloper.com in the ADE forum.


Before you get too carried away with ADE, make sure you have the SDK properly installed or ADE will not work.


To have the SDK you need FSX Deluxe at least, and the boxed version, not the Steam version.


If you do have Steam there is a workaround to get the SDK.



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