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Lack of AI aircraft at KCVG


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Hello, I recently installed WOAI aircraft to enhance my sim. They mostly consist of US carriers with some of the major international carriers(Air France,British Airways,JAL etc). Most airports look great with an adequate number of planes at the gate,moving about the taxiways and landing. Large airports are busy and smaller ones still have normal traffic flow(KPIE is an Allegiant hub and had 6 Allegiant jets at the gates when I landed last night). One notable exception is KCVG(Cincinatti/N.Kentucky). I believe this airport is a Delta hub and most U.S. Carriers fly there. Other Delta hubs(KATL,KSLC) are full of Delta jets. This airport is desolate. Maybe 3 or 4 Delta jets at most and no other carriers present. I tried several different times throughout the day but the result was the same. I have applied all of the quick fixes(turning off shadows and DX 10) and while it increased traffic at places like(KMCI,KSTL,KBNA),it did nothing for KCVG. I guess the simple fix would be to avoid KCVG but if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Ed
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