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Empyral is a twist on what you are used to in a VA. Rather than book a flight and fly it accumulating hours, you are in more control. You are a contracted pilot running your own subairline of Empyral. You choose where to fly from any place in the world, the type of aircraft, and create the routes. Your choices will affect your reputation and therefore, the number of passengers who want to fly with you. Make them happy and you will get more passengers and eventually upgrade your fleet, or not, the choice is yours. You can grow in a region or use the credits you earn to expand to other places in the world, or just remain small, there's no pressure.


This concept is not for everyone. I designed it entertain myself, got some comments from testers and tweaked as I went. If you want to join a VA and be top dog in 1-2 months, this is not for you. It is possible, however, to grow an airport beyond it's current real world pax stats as a contractor.


Feel free to come over and check it out. If you are interested, sign up from the About Us menu. You can log in with username "EMP999" and password "guest" to see what's available as a pilot.


There is no requirement of online ATC, you can fly offline and report your hours, we don't use an annoying app to install and run in the background. It's strictly on the honour system. Therefore I hope to attract mature people who just like the hobby. It is a hobby at Empyral, not a job. There's no great reward for being top dog, no one will be coming to recruit you for British Airways, Air Canada, JAL, etc.


Empyral is always expanding and new features are added by requests or ideas from my head. Currently, we support only passenger operations. A cargo division is on the horizon (by the end of 2016). You can use bizjet's in the current configuration but a dedicated bizjet operation will be added in the future.


Finally, you can use any flight simulator you like, any version.




Andrew Barter



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