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[OLD and Never Posted] Eggbeater, Angry Bee's or the Sky Prius?

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Eggbeater, Angry Bee's or the Sky Prius? The Piaggio P-180 Avanti is what were talking about, sips aviation fuel (Sky Prius) and makes weird noises (Eggbeater/Angry Bee's). This model is freeware by Mario Noriega thus preventing me from buying the Wilco Publishing product which I refuse to do.


















I hope you enjoyed these screen-shots and feel free to comment since it is always appreciated...Darryl

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I actually saw one of these fly over in real life a week or so ago. It did sound a lot like an angry bee! MUCH louder than the usual turboprops that overfly me all the time.


Good screenies!

Cheese War Enthusiast.
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Nice shots! I don't recall ever seeing a plane that looked like a catfish before. :cool:

Sure does, I see the whiskers too.


Nice pics. What's it like to fly? I had one (payware I think) in my FS9 days and found it was very nice to fly.

Not sure, it's been over a year since I've flown it.




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