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Google Earth Airport Locator


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Thanks for the reply, but no, that's not what I was referring to. There were multiple country-specific locator files for individual countries - this huge locator is too big to work with.


What I'm looking for is something like this: British Columbia Airport Locator


CZML 108 Mile British Columbia Canada 108 Mile Ranch

CYXX Abbotsford British Columbia Canada Abbotsford

CBS8 Alberni Valley Regional British Columbia Canada Port Alberni

CYAL Alert Bay British Columbia Canada Alert Bay

CAL5 Alexis Lake British Columbia Canada Alexis Lake

CAJ4 Anahim Lake British Columbia Canada Anahim Lake


With each airport located at the appropriate point on the Google Earth view/map of British Columbia. But every individual country had its own detailed file like this. Can't remember who uploaded the files...maybe someone called Voke, Vokes or sumpin'.


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You got it! That's exactly the listing I was looking for. I tried the Advanced Search using every key word I could think of in every combination. But I did not have Carl Vokes as a proper search name.

Many thanks.


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