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If i buy fsx, is that easy working on my pc?


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I do not want virus nor want i need to download a users computerspecs, they should be in your first post, if you cant comply this, there is NO ONE that will help you.


Have a nice day.


Asus Z170-A-1151 - intel i7-6700K@4GHz - Asus ROG NVidia GTX 1050 TI Strix 4GB - 32GB HyperX DDR4@2400 MHz - Corsair CM750-750W - Corsair H80i v2 Watercooling

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Windows 8.1 64-bit


AMD A10-6700 49 °C

Richland 32nm Technologie


8,00GB Single-Kanaal DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-12-28)


MSI 2AE0 (P0)


L192WS (1280x1024@75Hz)

768MBATI AMD Radeon HD 8670D (HP)

1024MBATI AMD Radeon HD 8670D + 7000 Dual Graphics (MSI) 45 °C

CrossFire uitgeschakeld


931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-60ZF5A0 (SATA) 28 °C

Optische schijven

hp DVD-RAM SW820


IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

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In single threaded applications his A10-6700 runs equivalent to an i3-540.

about one percent less than a Phenom II X4 965BE.

When FSX was released, his rig would have been considered doggone good.


Much better than my old 3GHz rig: Athlon 64 X2 6000+, Radeon 9550 Pro, 2GB DDR2-800.

That is my development machine today. With sliders at "High" or better it runs ~25FPS at most airports with lots of traffic. Heathrow and Kennedy, etc. drop it to 12-13FPS.


In a nutshell? Yes, his computer will run FSX.

Judicious use of the sliders will dictate how well...Don

HAF 932 Adv, PC P&C 950w, ASUS R4E,i7-3820 5.0GHz(MCR320-XP 6 fans wet), GTX 970 FTW

16GB DDR3-2400, 128GB SAMSUNG 830(Win 7 Ult x64), 512GB SAMSUNG 840 Pro(FSX P3D FS9)

WD 1TB Black(FS98, CFS2&3, ROF, etc.), WD 2TB Black-(Storage/Backup)

Active Sky Next, Rex4 TD/Soft Clouds

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