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Win 8.1 and FSX Directx11.2 Incompatible?


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I currently had FSX running on my Win7 64 with little to no issues. Due to the latest MS Updates, it turned out that I had an invalid copy of Win7 that I got from a person that is no longer with us that was installed on my SSD. This and will be a dedicated FSX computer that was just built earlier this year (ASUS Z87-Pro, EVGA GTX770 (4g), *Gb Ram, Samsung SSD for OS, dedicated 2GB HDD for FSX incidentals). I am running the latest Nvidia Graphic drivers for my GTX770 which they claim is compatible with 11.2 and beyond.


With that being said, I decided that since I had to purchase a valid license, it was actually cheaper thru my discounts to get Win 8.1 64 Pro. So I bought it, did a fresh install on the drive ( updates, drivers, etc) and went about installing FSX from the DVD. The installation was put into the a directory I created on C:\FSX, just like it was previously.


The installation went smooth or at least I though it did When I clicked on the FSX icon, I got an ERROR box stating:


" Flight Simulator cannot run because the version of Microsoft DirectX installed on your computer is incompatible. Please re-install DirectX 9.0....blah blah"


I can't get in to the program. I tried a re-install (actually a repair). Didn't even get to the point where I would enter my Product ID.


So I am asking anyone if they have any suggestions

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I tried the 9.0 installer and got a little farther. During the install it stated that it needed to download additional SW. That being "Net 3.5" or something like that. I did that and got to the splash screen but got another error box. I decided at that point to uninstall everything, remove the directory and re-install.


That seemed to work and I was able to add/activate the Acceleration pack as well. I haven't done any configurations yet or tried it out yet. That is for another day


Thanks all for the replies and ideas...

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