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Some FSX:SE questions


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Hi all.


I've been flying boxed FSX (and SP1 & SP2) since it came out. Plain vanilla, except for some freeware aircraft. No scenery or other mods.


I also have Steam, with some other games I semi-regularly play. With the current unavailability and/or cost of either Acceleration or FSX Gold, I was pretty much stuck at SP2. And mostly happy.


However, when the Flash sale hit, one of my uncles, who also flies, graciously gifted me the Premium Edition. (Thanks, buddy!) :cool:


I d/l'ed and installed it last night and am very pleased with the performance. I've got a 3-year old PC and it seems like FSX:SE, even with the Premium add-ons and all the bars to the right by default, is smoother and more enjoyable than my boxed version. I'm getting anywhere from 45-120 FPS with it set to "unlimited."


I do have some questions, though.


Those freeware aircraft. It's my understanding that, in general, freeware add-on aircraft play well with FSX:SE. I haven't read the above stickied post, but I will. My only "must-haves" are the DC-3 Airways most excellent DC-3 and -4. The PAD Dornier SeaStar would be nice. Should I unzip those to a temp directory and put everything where it should be manually, or can I just use, say, the installer for the DC-3 Airways planes and point it to ".../steamapps/common/FSX/?"


I pretty much only fly with 2-D cockpits, with the 3-D set to lo-res. Do the stock Mustang and Hornet not have 2-D panels?


How does MP work with the Steam Edition? I've had some issues in the past with the boxed version. My uncle also has the SE, and I'd primarily be flying with him and a friend of his.


My uncle's friend. This cat is 92 or 94 years old (can't remember which) and ALL he does is fly a wheeled Beaver (which I'm fairly certain is payware, but am unsure of which one) around the Pacific Northwest. More power to him, says I! He also apparently has a lot of payware scenery.


Thing is, the PC which he was flying with has gone belly-up. His only option at this point is to fly from a laptop which does exceed minimum specs, but not by a whole lot. He is also going to be getting the SE version. I've set expectations with my uncle that this gentleman is going to need to drop his bar a bit, or a lot, and I think he'll be fine with that. I expect to have more information on what the laptop's specs are and what payware he has and which are priorities for him.


At any rate, I've rambled a bit, but I'd sure appreciate greatly any advice/help/pointers you all can give me. :)



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Those freeware aircraft.

I personally, and this is just me, don't trust auto-installers. I point them at a temp folder, and copy-n-paste from there to my FSX-SE folders. That way I can keep an eye on what's going where, and if there's a problem, I know just where to look to fix it.

Yes, every freeware plane, including the DC-Airways DC-3 they provided for their last event, that I have installed work great with SE. Auto-installers sometimes have trouble finding the right folders, as SE tends to put FSX into a folder down their structure further.

Do the stock Mustang and Hornet not have 2-D panels?

No they don't, but IIRC you can DL and install a 2D for the Mustang at least. I'll look further for that.

As to the Hornet: May I suggest a freeware Hornet from FS Dream Team's FSX Blue Angels demo team? It is the very best Hornet out there, bar none. I simply can not expound on it's wonderful capabilities, and FDE/FCS accuracy to real life, enough. Couple it with AICarriers.NET and vLSO, and you have a Naval experience that may as well be a trainer for the Navy pilots. Of which, by the way, there are several on the FSX BA's development and testing team. This is the same team, just so you know, that were integral in creating the default FSX Acceleration (which FSX-SE includes, naturally) Hornet, so they know what they are doing. I can post a link to their forums and where to DL the Hornet, if you so desire.

How does MP work with the Steam Edition?

I don't MP, so I can't speak personally about this, but I've read several posts that say that SE seems to have the FSX MP "stuff" working quite well.

I've set expectations with my uncle that this gentleman is going to need to drop his bar a bit, or a lot, and I think he'll be fine with that.

When I first got SE when it first came out in '14, I was running it off an old Dell 1750, 2-core, 4Gb RAM, AMD GPU, machine. Yes, I had to turn 3D clouds down quite a ways, but I left most of the rest of the settings default, and it ran very well. No Out Of Memory crashes, in fact 1 total crashes to desktop. I put in most of Kosta's tweaks and it stopped that little problem, and I had a great experience. Your friend's laptop will probably do quite well, especially if it's even a little bit above minimum specs for FSX.


I hope that at least gives you a little help with your SE situation. :D

It's on sale right now, $7.99 US, until June 23rd. Have fun with it!



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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