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Monitor suggestions

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I'm using an LG UltraWide HD 34" monitor, and it's great for FS.

Also has the option to multi screen, up to four programs running and visible at one time, although I have a 2nd monitor and rarely use this feature. Had it for about 6 months now, and priced around AU$650 at the time, but slightly cheaper now..



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Hi Ken,


Have you considered an HD TV? Others also use projectors.


I used to have 3 x 27" monitors using AMD's Eyefinity (when I had an AMD vid card) and then I bought a 39" Samsung HD TV. Didn't really need the any of the 27 inchers anymore. Image quality was great!


Then, I found a 50" Hitachi LCD/LED (I know, not the best TV manufacturer) HD TV for about $210 (floor model - full warranty).

To be honest, out of the box (or right off the showroom floor) FSX looked pretty bad. But, with a bit (OK, a LOT) of fiddling with the settings (both the TV settings and the vid card settings - I did a little research on how to sort of calibrate an HD TV and needed to turn down the brightness a lot, but it really looks great now), I was able to achieve very nice-looking graphics. Coupled with the sheer size, when in the virtual cockpit, I feel so very immersed! The cockpit appears life-sized - knobs, buttons, instruments, etc.

Now I only use one screen and my frame rate and smoothness have increased over what I got with 3 screens.



Cheaper than a similar-sized computer monitor.



The highest resolution is 1920 x 1080, unless you spring for a 4K TV.

I have to use a remote to turn the TV on/off.

No PC input - HDMI only (that may not be a con though).

Response time may a bit slower than a monitor, but I don't really notice any ghosting unless I am specifically looking for it.

Image quality in FSX is very good (to my eyes, but won't win any awards), but probably not as good a true computer monitor.


Just my 2 cents.


Hope this helps!


E-Buzz :pilot:

i5 4690k @ 4.7gHz (Water-cooled), 8GB ram, GTX 960 2GB, 850 EVO 1 TB SSD, 50" LED TV + 2x27" monitors, Thrustmaster HOTAS, Win 8.1 Pro, P3DV4, TrackIR, EZDOK, a bunch of Orbx stuff, a chair, a hacked-up desk, and a cold drink.
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