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Problem: I can't get my brakes to stick when landing!


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First of all - hi everybody! This is my first post. I joined to ask for some help, but hope to stick around as I'm new to flight sims and could probably learn a lot here.


I have a bit of a problem with using my brakes while landing.


I'm using DS4 (software which emulates an XBOX 360 controller on a PS4 controller), and with a few hiccups I've managed to get it working with FSX.


However I have a problem with the brakes. I've set a button for the "apply/release" brakes, and set the repeat to full right, but when I hold down the button, the brakes only engage for a second or so. BRAKES flashes up momentarily in the bottom left corner then disappears. I've tested using keyboard/other buttons and the issue persists.


As you can imagine I can't stop before the end of the runway. I've been tearing my hair out looking for a solution, looking online to no avail. Is there something I'm missing? Should I just be tapping the button repeatedly when I'm landing?

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I get the feeling from readin into this subject that ps4 controllers may have different buttons to a normal keyboard.

Many people online talking about trouble having to push X or Circle button over and over to fire a weapon in a sim.

Also some adapted controllers available that offer 'rapid fire'.


Possibly when pushed they make a short contact, then disconnect again. If you keep pushing them they don't keep making contact.

The short contact is enough to fire once, but not over and over. No repeat in other words.


Perhaps not all buttons on it are like this. Try mapping to another button.

Perhaps is repeat also settable in that conversion software?


A option for a test perhaps, map the button to something silly, like the letter k.

Then open notepad, and press it.

Does it produce a string of k letters? Then it has a repeat. And then it's still a matter of getting that to work in fsx.


No string of letters? Then it has no repeat.


I'm not a PS user, so take my thoughts on it with a large grain of salt.:)


On a very different note, in the fsx controls there is a option for each one with "produce the action when button is released". Make sure that is not checked.

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