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spoilerons deployed during sharp turns

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Hi everybody,

I have an issue with commercial airliners when I am taxiing on the ground or making sharp turns in the air. Everytime I taxi and make sharp turns, the spoilers and the inboard aileron are deployed and you can see them raised up (or the inboard aileron down). This even happens when I'm making sharp turns in the air. However I've seen videos where people can taxi and make sharp turns without the spoilers and inboard airlerons moving like how it is in real life. If anyone could offer assistance I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you. I've noticed this on PMDG 777 and other pre-loaded commercial aircraft as well.

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Almost all transport category aircraft have spoilers that double as roll control when the pilot commands aileron deflection beyond a certain point (e.g. 60% right roll).


Are you using a mouse yoke with autorudder? (using ailerons coupled with rudder) If so, making sharp turns while taxiing will require you to deflect lots of aileron (and therefore rudder), which in turn will activate the spoilers.


If you would like to not see spoilers come up during ground operations, I would suggest using separate controls for roll and yaw. This will eliminate the need for you to use the aileron axis while turning on the ground. As for the spoilers deploying during sharp turns (especially at low speed) - that's normal.


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You've inadvertently answered your own question:


Spoilers kill lift.

Spoilerons can both kill lift AND accentuate the effect of the ailERONS.


If your control system involves the ailerons for on ground steering in any way, shape or form then the spoilerons are going to be in operation at some point.


Solution: Avoid tight turns with just the stick. Use brakes or a separate control function to manage the tiller.

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