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The $100 Hamburger

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In this series we take a short hop "26 miles across the sea" from Torrance Airport (KTOA) "Zamperini Field" in Torrance California over to Catalina Island's famous "Airport in the Sky" (KAVX) for a cheeseburger lunch.


For today's flight we'll be in the FSX Cessna 152II trainer by Carenado and using Aerosoft's freeware Catalina X scenery


[click on the images for a full screen view]


Takeoff from KTOA Runway 29 on a typical sunny Southern California day. "It never rains in southern California"



Turning left and climbing over the ocean gives us a great view of the Palos Verdes Penninsula



Cruising over the Santa Barbara Channel the rugged coast of Catalina fills our windscreen up ahead



Airport and runway in sight. Steep cliffs at both ends of KAVX's 1600 foot runway make for some tricky updrafts and downdrafts on landing



On short final to Runway 22. You can see the pretty significant uphill slope on this runway



On deck and ready to turn off the active - the bend in the runway edge lines at the top of this view gives another perspective on the runway upslope



Engine shutdown and parked in front of the terminal. Time to head in for a cheeseburger at the snack bar. With the aircraft rental cost thrown in our lunch is going to be up in the $100+ range - but well worth it for the beautiful scenery and flying weather




On the way home we do a little sightseeing along the coast. Just over the radio stack in this shot you can see Avalon's circular harbor along with the famous Avalon Casino on the lower point. If we were on the ground there we might spot a movie star or two strolling the waterfront


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I hope you got fries with that. ;)

Considering the cost of a Ferry ride and time wasted, I'd say you got a good deal.

And just look at the great photos you brought back! :) — Bob



i7-7700 3.6GHz / GTX1660 6GB / 32GB RAM / 49" Samsung CHG90 / WIN10

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Great pics Bill of one of my stomping grounds every now & then as I trained in the mid 70's in a C150 out of Meadowlark Airport in Huntington Beach, just a short trip but can be difficult to land & T/O as the runway is pretty close on both ends and wind gives a challenge at times. I agree the hamburgers were great. Thanks for posting the pics, I now live in a better place as I enjoy mountains, deserts then the ocean, but Catalina is closer then flying to Hawaii. Kenny
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