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new thought on UTX vs P3D


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correction, the topic was to be called UTX vs. FTX Vector.


Using UTX for some time I've been appreciated by its performance and low impact on VAS, but I never really liked how it blends with the sim, having prior experience with Vector in FSX. UTX roads just don't blend as good as Vector and look like something "alien" to the environment.

Yesterday evening I disabled UTX and Installed Vector, disabled most features except primary & secondary roads (without bridges and underlays), rails and beaches. VAS was ok as usual. Then, today in the morning I upgraded to P3D v3.3, started the sim and was unpleasantly surprised: the VAS is horrible right at the start. Starting with Default F22 I get 800 VAS over cities of NY, London, Frankfurt. It falls down to 600 then regenerates up to 800 and fluctuates within these boundaries. I had no time to try the biggies (777/iFly 747) but it looks like those will do an OOM few minutes after the sim start.

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