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Problem with Visser repaint for Tim Conrad"s A-1J SKYRAIDER


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I have installed Tim Conrad's Skyraider--a-1j_skyraider.zip.

I downloaded Jan Visser's repaint, a1h_412ak.zip, but it cannot be installed as it is for another model (I think).

Visser in his Readme writes:

"Photoreal repaint for Tim Conrad's excellent freeware FSX A-1H Skyraider. Be sure to have installed Tim's original Skyraider package ( A-1H.zip ) first in order to use these repaint files."


Well, I looked here and at avsim for A-1H.zip, and the file was not found.


Any help?



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It's all Visser's fault as he gave the wrong file name for this site.

Not hardly!

When Tim "Piglet" Conrad released his A-1H Skyraider, the file name was, and still is, on many sites, "A-1H.zip".

Can't blame Jan for the renaming of files after the fact...Don

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