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KATL - Air Traffic Controllers View


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OK boys and girls how many of you remember this cool feature of FSX?


The tower view that let's you see all the action on an airport from the vantage of an air traffic controller. I had totally forgotten about this and only recently rediscovered it


Comes complete with views of all the runways and parking, a radar display of traffic in the area, the ability to zoom in and out on all the departing, arriving, and taxiing aircraft, and listen in on all the airport communications (ground, clearance, approach, departure, etc.).


Here are some shots of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (KATL) from the traffic controllers view. Atlanta is rated as the busiest airport in the U.S. and these shots show why


If you've forgotten how to start up this feature like I had here's the gouge:




From your controllers seat you can pan around and look at all the runways and parking areas



The radar display shows traffic in the airport vicinity with ID tags + you can select and listen in on all the airport control frequencies



You can zoom in or out on taxiing, landing, and departing traffic. Here a Delta MD80 lifts off Runway 26L



We watch the MD80 climb out. "Delta 616 contract departure"



Two757s pass - one ready for departure on Runway 27R - the other on the parallel taxiway taxiing for departure. Since Atlanta is Delta's home base most traffic is Delta



A typical traffic line for departure at KATL. "Folks from the flight deck, we're number six for departure" (which in Atlanta on a busy day is actually a pretty good position :D:D:D)



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