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How to save a flight cold and dark


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Hi Daniel,


Welcome to the forums.


It is very easy to do.


1. Start FSX.

2. Select the aircraft you want.

3. Select the starting location.

4. Press the Fly button and let the sim load the chosen aircraft and location.

5. If it starts with everything running simply shutdown the engines and switch of the avionics etc until the aircraft is in a cold and dark state.

6. On the menu bar (if in Full screen mode press Alt to bring up the menu bar) select File > Save As. In the resulting screen give it a name, a description if required, and ensure that the Make This The Default Flight option located below the saved flight listings box is ticked.


And that's it. You can now use this saved flight to simply load the same flight each time or you can use it to save each flight you make to it so that you start at your current destination next time you fly.




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Can't think of much that longbreak didn't already address, except:


Once you've saved a "cold and dark" plane, you can change planes and that plane will also now be cold and dark. However, rather than go through a single plane just to get to another one, I have a number of planes saved as "flights" so that when I select a flight, the plane I pick (no matter which one) has *everything* turned off.


Once in a while you'll run into some weird stuff - like the default B737-800. There is no MASTER AVIONICS SWITCH. You'll have to go through OPTIONS/CONTROLS/SETTINGS and create a button or keystroke sequence the will "toggle" the master avionics on/off.


Just another piece of realism in the sim.


Good luck.


Art - N4PJ

Leesburg, FL

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