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Adding to Default Airline ATC ID's and Call Signs


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Running Windows 7 Ultimate on an i7-4970 CPU 306 Ghz 32 GB Ram 64 Bit Op System.


This is a new system as mu other system crashed. Reloaded FSX from the original disks. Have all the default aircraft installed and ATC recognises all default names Pacifica, Global Freightways, Orbit etc. I have added new purchased aircraft but the names of the Liveries are not available for selection. Can you help me get these new Liveries to be recognized so that I can have ATC recognize them by their correct call signs. I can select a default name Orbit, Gaia etc to be read out by ATC with the new aircraft but this defeats the purpose of adding the new aircraft and Liveries.


Can someone give me directions pleaseÉ

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