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A bit confused...

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I was working with the landing gear textures for the CLS 747-200 HD. I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit them. I then used DXTbmp to re convert them back to .dds. I launch FSX and viewed the 747. I was surprised to see the flight deck windows and landing gear all messed up. I figured I mucked up somewhere. I have an old FSX directory on one of my hard drives. So I used the CLS 747-200 HD (which I know are un-edited and good) from that directory to replace the edited ones. I go back into FSX and was again surprised that windows and landing gear are still messed up. I replaced the correct files. So I don't know here FS is getting those textures from. Clearly not from the aircraft texture folder. Any idea's?


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It's bombs in the installation, to prevent modifications.. Any change of textures not done through the Livery Manager will screw up other unrelated texture..

I discovered that as well when I worked for about an hour on a livery, and since I manually installed it without the Livery Manager, the entire plane just became silver-colored...


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