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AirTrack Help (Plugin not starting?)

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Hey all, been 'flying' for a bit and like my setup but always looking to make things better when I can.


I really like the ability for AirTrack to give me all of the airport/waypoint information on the fly and so far I really like what I'm seeing.


The only problem is that I can't get it to connect to FSX.


The developer has been very responsive, and we've chased down a couple of things, but from what I'm seeing...it looks like maybe the plugin isn't even starting. I thought it would be good to reach out to the 'hive-mind' to see if anyone had similar struggles and found a suitable solution. Here's what I've got:


fsx:se running on a sweet box with loads of gpu power. I am also running AirManager to show the main panel on a laptop (this works great) and occasionally run VoxATC.


I've followed both the auto and manual install instructions for AirTrack and both cfg files look good. The .gau file is there.


I'm testing with the stock 737-800 and switching to 2D cockpit per the instructions but the icon never appears and the option to connect never shows on the iPad.


Basics covered: iPad connected to the network, UDP port 2424 open on the firewall (in & out), fsx connected to the network. (we did a netstat -nab and there was no mention of the port so I'm leaning towards the plugin not initializing).


I've gone as far as uninstalling fsx completely (deleting all the files, as well :( ) and still nothing.


I'm kind of at a loss, but I know there are way-smarter people out there, so let me know what info you need and/or if you have any thoughts on other things to check. I didn't list everything we've tried, but would still appreciate the input.


Thanks all,


i7-960, 32GB RAM, GTX 650 Ti 2GB
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Sorry, Roman, I've never had a problem with AirTrack, which is one of my most loved FSX add-ons. Switch to 2D panel, and the IP address pops up on the AirTrack Settings page. Tap the highlighted IP address and everything swings into motion. Are you doing this last step?

- Paul Elliott


Come and follow my recreation of this historic light here: HERE

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@Mithras, yep it looks like a great piece of software. Even without the connection, I like what I can do.


So when I switch to the 2D Panel, the IP address never comes up on the iPad's AirTrack Settings page. It just sits there, blank...staring at me.


I suspect this is because the plugin isn't running, but I'm still chasing that down.


I'll keep at it, though. Thanks for the help.

i7-960, 32GB RAM, GTX 650 Ti 2GB
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