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United States Virtual Air Force (USVAF) looking for pilots

Billy Hatchell

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United State Virtual Air Force (USVAF) is looking for dedicated, mission oreinted pilots to join our VA. More specifically, join USVAF and the Airlift Military Command (AMC). AMC provides military airlift for the USVAF and it's other commands, Air Combat Command (ACC), Army Air Command (AAC), Naval Air Command (NAC), Coast Guard and it's Vintage Air Command. AMC provides strategic and tactical support from airlift to airdrop, inflight refueling support, AWACS, Aeromedical evacuation and VIP missions. USVAF and AMC is looking for pilots who enjoying flying, completing tasking and mission and being part of a team.


Please feel free to visit our web site, USVAF.com and check us out or contact me, Billy Hatchell at triage22@yahoo.com if you have any questions.




Billy C Hatchell Jr, USVAF


Commander AMC

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