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Massive number of unknown folders on C drive


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I have three desktops, and two laptops in my home which run Windows 7 home premium.


My primary computer with which I have FS9 and FSX installed along with a number of addons has a massive number of folders originated from an unknown source on the C drive. None of the other computers ever display folders like these. Even after upgrades and reinstallations this scenario has persisted.


For example, just picking a couple out of probably hundreds:






If I double click on any of these folders they appear to be empty and they display 0bytes.


If I try to delete them, they say they are shared?


Should I delete them, and if so how do I keep from getting more of them? Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?


They don't seem to affect anything, but are something I have wondered about for a long time.


Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.




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They are probably 'leftover' temp files/folders from installs and/or internet browsing. Most installers are designed to clean up such files/folders once the install has successfully completed but some don't and some of those that are coded to clean do not always work correctly.


Rather than just deleted them - they may be linked to Registry entries which could cuase other problems - download and run a freeware cleaning tool such as CCleaner. if you google File cleaner and Registry Cleaner you will get an ideal as to what is available. Some tools will clean both files and registry - CCleaner is one such tool and is highly recommended by most people. There are payware version aslo available but for most people a freeware version is adequate.




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