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Project Airbus Repaint tutorial (paint.net)


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Hi everyone! Could anyone give me tutorial on how to do a repaint on the Project Airbus using the Paint.net? I've tried to edit some repaints but when In game, the livery becomes blurry.



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OK, I know nothing about what you've done, but one thing that is always worth trying in "blurry in game livery" is make a copy of your textures but with reduced pixel size. Try half size, then half again, then try going from 32 bit to 8 bit on the reduced size textures. Then report back with the results. Do you need further instructions on how to do this?


Steve from Mudgee

Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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Are you using DXTBmp to convert the textures?


If so, make sure you uncheck the box to save with mipmaps.


Mips are a common cause of blurry textures.


You can often tell if mips are the problem by zooming in real close in Spot View. The textures will be "cleaner" as you zoom out than they were when you zoomed in.



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