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What bearing does the type of fuel airports have affect aircraft?


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The only physical difference is the weight per gallon between Avgas and JetA, one's heavier than the other but I can't remember which!

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If an airport has numerous fueling stands for various fuels, it is merely eye candy. Taxi up to a stand and your aircraft will take on whatever fuel it "requires"; as Tiger pointed out, the only difference to the sim is the weight (Avgas = 6 LBS/Gallon; JetA = 6.7 LBS/Gallon). You could change the fuel type of a 747 to avgas and it would happily fill up with that and fly normally (but it would be a slight cheat since the fuel load would be roughly 10% lighter than normal); likewise the C172 could fill up with jet fuel and fly normally (though a full fuel load may put you close to an overweight condition).
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