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FaceTrackNoIR ver 200


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Hello friends of FSX

I made a try to install this program, but I am not able to make it work with FSX.

Tracking is working, Simconnect is installed, but nothing happen when FSX is up and running.

I have started the programs as admin, I have started FTNoir first and FSX later and opposite.


Can any one of you explain how they should work and talk together? SimConnect is supposed to connect these two programs, but have any one of you knowledge how its works?




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Hi. No I am not using steam edition. I have FXS deluxe Acceleration

I made a try to download and install the 3 files from SimConnect, but it did not change anything. There is no communication with FSX and the tracker.

The files are RTM, SP1, XPACK


Searching for simconnect, I find several files, like simconnectmenubb.xzp and Uires.jajap, uires.plpl and so on.

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Additional info:

I have FSX deluxe verison, with acceleration

Simconnect is supposed to be a program file who makes it possible for 3hrd party program to communicate with fsx. Downloaded as late as yesterday, since some forums discussed it was needed to use it.

I have the latest version of FaceTrackNoIR, ver. 200.

I use a new Creative camera, Live Cam Chat HD VF0790


Hope this details helps :)

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Hello again

today I got a surprise.

The Game protocol could suddenly be opened, and I was able to choose FSX Sim Connect. This has been impossible earlier, and I suppose that's why it did not communicate with the flightsim.

But I have three concerns to solve.

1. the program hang several times, get message that it has stopped

2. Sometimes the tracking does not start. Is there any "button" to make it start, except from the Start button under GO! ?

3. Being able to adjust the tracking so i do not get airsick.

The tracking is way to active, even if I do not blink with an eye, the camera goes from side to side. It is impossible to make it stop where I want to look.

Have tried experimenting with the Curves, but do not have the skill to understand the best adjustments. Yet.


Will give it a try again tonight.

Any input is welcome.

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Thanks a lot for your input.

Been experimenting again tonight, but the problems are the same.

Tried to reinstall FT as well.


Each time I press button "Stop" the program stops. Message window comes up with an polite information that the program has stopped and that Windows is searching to solve the problem :)


The tracking works sometimes, i tested with stronger light, I tested with 3 IR diod's which I have installed on my cap, and I can see the light from them the screen, but it does not give any action.

Switching on and off in the hope it will start tracking.



Was able to track, and in FSX the view went right and left, right and left even if I kept my heat completely still. No chance to make adjustments.

Something is wrong, but we do not know what....


oh well, I can still fly with the pan button.....

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