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Question about adding aircraft to fsx

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I have ultimate traffic 2 for my fsx to make commercial airports have traffic but my question is , All of the military bases in fsx have no static aircraft or traffic is there any programs or downloads for fsx to create military traffic or static aircraft at military bases in fsx?
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google is your friend, of course

you would find http://www.militaryaiworks.com/ almost immediately.

I suspect you would find much usable there...


There's not much in the library here combining FSX and AI but I brought all my mil AI over from FS9 (lots of files in the library for FS9)- don't use it any more, frankly, but I used to and may yet again; it's all still in folders just waiting for activation. FSX doesn't have military PARKING at airports so you'll need to download some modified airports or add parking yourself; either way, it's all part of the hobby. Have fun, first and foremost!



Hooked since FS4... now flying:

self-built i7-4790 at 4 GHz; GA-Z97X mobo; GTX 970; 16GB gskill;

quiet, fast and cool running.

Win 7/64: 840 EVO OS; 840 EVO (500G) game drive;

Win10/64: 850 EVO (500G) for OS and games

A few Flightsim videos on YouTube at CanyonCorners

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A big +1 on Loyds' suggestion on giving MAIW a go - based on your comments Loyd you will also find this info useful..................


I have installed over 200 of their packages into FSX with few problems - see the following thread that I contributed to regarding using FS9 scenery in FSX - the link opens at post #4, read it and all subsequent posts - take note of the useful links that will give you some info on how to best install the MAIW stuff. The subject thread is at https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?298507-Have-used-DX10-for-years-but-may-return-to-DX9-Here-s-why&p=1976102#post1976102.


Also note that the FS9 traffic files will need converting to FSX using a suitable tool - I suggest AI Flight Planer which can be found at http://stuff4fs.com/open.asp?Folder=AIFP&JS=TRUE.


It should be noted that MAIW have started to produce both FSX and FS9 packages - all earlier packages are FS9 only - and, as you will see on their website, have started to convert some of their AI models into FSX. Also note that a key element of the MAIW packages, namely its Scenery Library Objects Package is now available as a standalone FSX compatible version. I suggest that you download and use this package and when you start installing the packages that you:-


A. Auto install - let the install package runs its course and leave the FS9 library de-activated. As long as the FSX version is activated the scenery will display fine. You will need to ensure that the FSX version is named differently from the FS9 version which will take the default name of MAIW Scenery Objects Library BUT this will impact on the auto installs of the FSX only packages - I haven't installed any using the installer (see option B) but the default FSX install folder is the same name.


B. Manual install - which BTW is my preferred way of installing - simply ignore the library objects folder and visit the MAIW website on a regular basis to get an updated copy of the complete FSX compatible library.


Also see the following payware products that might be of interest - http://www.justflight.com/category/flight-sim-add-ons/traffic-ai




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