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If there is something we (Flight Simulator enthusiast) fear the most is to arrive to the conclusion that we need to reinstall the OS and therefore the FSX itself. “Please Lord don’t let it be so, please.” Well, He did.


When confronted with the inevitable my advice is, DO NOTHING. Think it over and prepare yourself. Do not rush it. Pick your time and search the WWW, not only FSX topics but the OS too.


Well, guess what?


After two weeks of avoiding the inevitable I found this.




Step 7.


After a careful evaluation of my predicament I arrived to the conclusion of what can I possibly loose and what a big payoff if it did indeed work.


It did indeed.


Amazing! Don’t remember Win 7 being able to do that. I skip Win 8 like the plague.


MS and Win 10 won me over on this one. Final answer.



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