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where is Israel


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What is the file name of the addon and where did you get it?



the Bean


oh, did you find the C172?

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Can you clarify what you mean by 'Israel doesn't show in country list'. Do you mean in the drop down lists where you can select various options to display airports by country/regions/cities etc or in the associated column where the airfield details are listed/displayed.


I haven't installed any of the newer MAIW Israeli packages yet but have just unzipped a couple to check the airfield properties in Airport Design Editor (ADE) - they are set correctly to display the country as Israel. FYI, the details displayed in the various fields on the location selection page is 'sourced' from a number of property fields which must be completed by the scenery's author - if, for example, the country field is not completed then the airport will not appear in a listing specifying that country.


It should also be noted that not all of the files provided by the MAIW packages have the country properties completed - notably the files that are contained in the very basic files that are used to represent waypoints for the AI traffic files - these are named like MAIW_AF2_MED8_JB.bgl for example - and are often replicated in different MAIW packages (a quick look at the two packages that I have unzipped - Part 3 Hatzor and Part 5 Ramat David - show the same waypoint files named Med2 to Med8 are included in both packages and will probably be in the other parts as well).




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