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high guys i want to know where to download a traffic enchancer to increase traffic that is free for fs2004 and where i can doanload the aircrafts for the traffic pls tell me how to
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Hi Deepum,


I am not aware of a 'traffic ecnhancer' in the context that you state but you can add AI models and flightplans to the sim fairly easily.


As Nels has stated the file library has a wealth of AI models and flight plans. For example, using the drop down menu on the File Library button to select the Advanced search option and then using the drop dowm field located at the top of the Advanced Search page to select the FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 AI Flight Plans option throws up nearly 8000 AI flight plans. The readme files of the individual packages will tell you where to get the relevant AI models - many of which will be available on this site.


Additionally, you may want to take a look at these two sites:


For civil stuff look at http://www.world-of-ai.com/ - this site provides a large selection of flightplans for the major airlines. If a specific package does not contain the AI model the readme will tell you where you can get it.


For military stuff look at http://www.militaryaiworks.com/ - this site has a large selection of scenery packages that provides the AI models, flight plans, callsign voice packs and customised scenery. The website also has a collection of third party AI models and repaints for the MAIW models.




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