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Newbie to flight simming. Hi!


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Hi there!


So, off the bat, im completley new to flight simming in general. I have played around with aerial games in the past, mainly combat games, but due to lacking a basic knowledge of proper flying techniques, navigation etc (also a bit of paitenec perhaps :o) I have struggled.


I have decided therefore to spend some time with FSX and so far have completed all the tutorials, i think its given me a much better idea of what the instruments are for and how to use the basic ones!


Ive really enjoyed the mission style format so far, and am currently looking for more "tutorial" style missions to play. If anyone knows of some that can help me out with the comms side of things, and developing on from the basic tutorials, that would be fantastic!


Anyway, im sure i will see you all around the forums!


Best regards,


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A pleasure to meet another fellow new person to flight simulation. I too have learned a great deal over the years, but only after acquiring the means to have a decent computer to fly with. I'm more confident with VFR flying now and have moved up to jets, which are actually more fun. I wish you lots of luck and hope to see more of you here!
- James
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