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Need IFR Plates in image format


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Yes I did but the ones I found were one plate conversions at a time. I would like to find a down load of all the plates for a given airport in a jpg or gif or png image format (if possible).


I could manually do each plate one at a time but I have a lot of airports and would prefer to find a service that would allow me to down in batch mode.

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Screenshotting one at a time is the only way I know, but if it's time-consuming rope in your wife or pals to help. How many screenshots would be needed anyway?

I could help if you like, I'm retired and have got all the time in the world because retirement is the world's longest coffee break, I could probably rattle off at least a hundred a day..:)

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Thanks for the offer. So far, I found one site that will let me checkbox what plates I want for a specific airport (they list all the plates for that one airport, so that's good) and then I click on Submit and the plates show on the screen in gif format. Then I can do a right mouse click Save As operation on each plate, one at a time. I was hoping they would all down load at once.


Well, here is what I am trying to do: CaptainSim 777 has an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that you can copy IFR plates into a certain folder and they will show up on the EFB screen.


I am a developer and wanted to write a small application that I could select from a drop down list what airports (origin and dest) I am flying today and have it copy all the needed plate files into that certain folder and delete the ones previously there. That would make setting up for a flight with the EFB much faster.


So I thought I could down load maybe 10 airports worth of IFR plates (in jpg or gif or png format) and keep them all in one lib folder for my app to pull from. I just didn't want to have to convert each plate one by one.


So I found that one site, http://www.fltplan.com, that will display gif plates for one airport and I can down load the plates, but only one at a time, so maybe that's as close as I'm going to get.

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Des that mean you want me to help or not?


Sorry I wasn't more clear...no I can do this myself, even if I have to manually copy/convert each plate. I would not dare ask you to do this kind of work for me. But I appreciate your offer never-the-less.


@TV thank you too for you kind offer of helping me privately. I want to add this capability to my SimChecklist app which is a paid app.


For those who know my 737NGX training videos, I do this full time and this year I have made, currently, 35 free 737NGX training videos.


My YouTube 737NGX Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rfresh1011


These take a lot of time and effort. When I started flying the 737NGX I saw a need to create a checklist app to use with FSX or Xplane or P3. So I decided to charge for it to help offset the large amount of time I put in on making the free 737NGX videos. So, that's why SimChecklist is a paid app.


I'm currently finishing up the training videos on the 737NGX MCP panel. I have released 16 videos on that panel alone and have about 4 more to make, so the MCP training series will be around 20 videos, and all for free. I do this 7 days a week, on a full time basis.


I believe my MCP videos will be the most comprehensive training videos on the 737NGX MCP available anywhere, from anyone.


I'm adding features and capabilities to SimChecklist as my customers ask for. I added a fuel planning window for the 737NGX and have been asked to add one for the Dash8 Q400 so that is in Beta design now.


Since I also fly the CaptainSim 777, I want to add this EFB custom IFR plates capability to SimChecklist. Some of my customers are also flying the CS 777 too. CS's EFB design and customization presents some interesting possibilities I want to explore.


I want to design a master library folder and then a custom airport folder so on the EFB one can either look all the plates in the master library or set your oirgin and dest airport plates in the custom EFB line select keys. The CS 777 EFB gives you some space on the screen to add your own custom data content. I want to support both a master libray and a custom library. So, that's what's behind me trying to find a way to down load image IFR plates!

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It might be possible to use IrfanView and its PDF plug-in, combined with the Ghostscript renderer. I know IrfanView can do batch conversions, too. That may be your best bet, and all those applications are freeware. Sorry, but I don't have time to test it, but I've done lots of work with IrfanView, and it's a champion program. I expect it would be best to convert a limited number of files in any one batch at a time.
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