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Is FSX a combat game too, or just a flight sim?


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There are some freeware downloads from the Library that have guns that fire (Doesn't really do any damage to the target) Bombs that drop and explode (including a nuke).


Things that look good but leave no damage behind. Type in weapons in the Library search window.


Most would not consider FSX a combat simulator.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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If WW2 combat is your thing, IL-2 Ultimate Edition is very popular, I've got it and find that its big plus over FSX is that crashes are fully modelled. For example if you land too hard you'll see one or more wheels snap off and the plane will continue on its belly in clouds of dust with its propeller bent and ominous smoke coming from under the cowling.
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FSX default doesn't include a combat mode. But...

Captain Sim Weapon for FSX and VRS TacPack, which has been recently released into the wild, can provide a semblance of combat...Don

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