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Newbie Alert - A Few Screenshots I thought You Might Like

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Hey all


I only run a crappy old laptop, not even quad core, and certainly no dedicated graphics lol so apologies if they're poor in comparison.

Have a good selection of Aircraft now, some payware and some not, and I think my favourite prop aircraft has to be the Duchess which I got last week, love it and as for Airliners, I'm torn between my free 757 which is excellent in all respects or the beast which is Concorde (AND it works with FSX Steam which I am on)...

Favourite Airports are probably Skiathos, Madeira and St Barts (although the latter is playing up for some reason as is St Maarten grrrr) - Lukla is fun too...


http://imgur.com/a/iuR3x (used this as for some reason some of the pics are small so at least you can zoom in if you like)


So, hope you enjoy, any questions or comments please feel free... oh, and I'm starting my ppl this year in the UK so it should be fun.



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Toni, or Nigel, I used the link and saw some pretty screenies! I think you better post them here directly, and I couldn't see most of the pics because they're too small :( Very welcome here and please post more pics! :)
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Hey guys


I did try it here but couldn't get it to work - me being stupid I think.

I'll have another go later, glad you liked what you could see - I noticed some of my concorde ones came out a good size which I can't understand as they're all captured the same way within FSX (F12) - odd!! I did try to enlarge the smaller ones but they came up pixelated :(

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If you say you have crappy old laptop, then I would say that your screenshots are not so bad and some are even good.


Cheers... I try to do the best I can with this thing lol - I don't even have a joystick, I fly using the keys but with practice anything is possible and I can even land at Kai Tak with a 737, 757 and any prop with no worries, I struggle with the 747 and concorde though haha - but maybe I'll get a JS one day - I just know I'll end up on this thing 24/7 otherwise.


I sussed out why some were so small though - what I did was move some files into the Thumbnails folder by mistake (FSX STEAM SCREEN GRAB) - and I was uploading those so all I upload from now on should be full size... going to give it a go with what I've just been doing, hope they're OK.


My new Duchess Cockpit, love this plane, so great to fly with sounds that are incredible.. and the Free 757 which is also a great aircraft.


Duchess Cockpit.jpgJet 2 Free 757 climb out of BHX.jpgJet 2 Free 757 dep BHX.jpgJet 2 Free 757 Push Back BHX.jpg

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All of these are good, some are excellent!! It's great to have you aboard! WELCOME!


You mentioned you have a "crappy" laptop that's not even a quad core. FYI: I suggest you look at some of the FSX hardware threads before you buy or build anything else for FSX use!




What is marketed today as a "gaming computer" isn't at all aimed at FSX based products. They're designed for all the bang-bang,shot em up, car race, tomb raider style games which were designed for use on multi-core CPUS & Fast GPUS which have a lot of built in memory. THOSE NEW STYLE GAMES ARE WHAT "GAMING COMPUTERS" ARE BUILT TO PLAY WELL, NOT FSX PRODUCTS.


FSX & for the most part Steam & even P3D are based on a type of hardware design from a long ago and far away basic computer platform that isn't in style today. FSX & therefore its' mutants, was designed when a single core CPU was the norm. It was then assumed that single or maybe double core CPU would be running with perhaps a 9GHZ. clock by now.


FSX lives and dies primarily on the basic clock speed of your CPU. Period. With Acceleration & a few other improving bits they have made FSX a little more adaptable to multiple cores, about 4 gig of ram, and GPUS with more ram. But still, the bottom line is, "How fast is your CPU?" And 4GHZ. +/- seems to be about the sweet spot.


Before you spend any money on a "better" computer for FSX, consult with the build threads as I suggested.;) Tons of people who bought or built "gaming computers" are/were quite unhappy with their results when using that machine for FSX.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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