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Cannot start FS9


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I cannot start FS9, I get a message telling me to log in with administrator rights. I already

have those rights. What can I do please? I will appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance...........John :(:(


ps: The links to other post all have nothing at all to do with what I posted.

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Happened to me as well. Two things; have you had any Windows updates lately? "Upgraded" to Windows 10? I'm no expert on this issue, and I can't even recall which of the two was the cause (if either one was the problem), but I have a history of updates ruining my flight sim experience. Who needs updates anyways :p ? As I like to say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.


If you've had an update recently, try restoring your computer. I can assure you that this fixes my problems most of the time.

Carlos Si
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make a list of updates and add on,s since it last ran correctly, restore to that date or the day before, if it then opens, it is a process of elimination as to what is stopping it working, I would suggest its a recent add on.
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Hi johnrgby

I new about the update and got rid of it but the problem still exists.......John


Just an idea but you state you have got rid of the offending update ,but the Sim still won't start.

If? You have your windows update function set to automatically download and install all available updates, then it could be because you have removed the offending one ,windows update simply finds it missing and re downloads and installs it again.

Your problem certainly seems to be similar to many users who have experienced the same thing in recent months ,the cause and solution was the offending KB file and it's removel.


Cheers Andy

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