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Merging payware add-ons


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Hey simmers


I was wondering if it would be possible to merge the Captain sim 757 2D panel to the PSS 757 Model?


I heard of a mod here on flightsim.com downloads section but I am not sure if it will work in FSX SP2 for Win 10


Help please as I am just seconds away from purchasing the PSS 757 and it is of no use to me if I can't get the captain sim panel to work on it!

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I did make a successful merge of the Just flight L-1011 Pro and Tom's L-1011 it works like a charm I even ported the VC and it completely works, so I should be able to do it with Captain Sim and PSS and don't tell me "oh it wont work they are different companies" Just flight and Tom are different parties but I got the merge to work anyway.


What do you guys think? I really want a good 757 merge

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Its the model the panel WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THE MODEL, so there is coding that if I have a program can put into the PSS 757 model.


IS THERE ANY plane modeling program for FSX?

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I think you have that backwards. Merging 2D panels into another aircraft is not too hard, you just have to make sure that all the gauges are still available in their old path. But if you do this, you can only use either the foreign 2D panel or the built-in VC, because the gauges of both do not "talk" to each other. The gauges are for all intents and purposes the systems of the aircraft, more often than not programmed as one or more DLLs.


Merging VCs is another matter though, this may or may not work, depending on how tightly the VC is integrated with the rest of the model. Some animations like gear and flaps might not work, or worse. But the same rules apply for the gauges, these are the most important part of the "merge"


Programs for building FSX aircraft: of course there are. But I think what you want is a program to disassemble an existing model and put it back together again. This I think is impossible to do, you would need the source files for the model - and these you can only get from the original developer, who will guard them with his life.


Please do not just ignore the legal implications - practically all developers forbid doing this in their license terms, for obvious reasons. They may even include copy protection or some features that make a merge impossible or at least not worth the effort.

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You can merge the JF 757 Freemium vc with any 757 or 767 I say;


I am personally using the Just Flight Freemium vc panel and sound for my SkySpirit2010 Boeing 767s and the JF FMC for my CLS 767s (CLS FMC was too weak for me)


Remember to reconfigure the Aircraft.cfg, add the interior model and all vc textures, replace the sounds and remember to have the texture.cfg files in each texture for the 767 pointing to the vc texture folder from the JF 757.


Love it!


Found out how to do it from using Google to find the way to set it up, it is better than the default FSX 737 for the SSP 767 since the 757's VC is identical to the 757's!

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I thought that QualityWings had a better 757 model than Captain Sim, while CS had a much better system-heavy panel than the simplified QW one.


So I tried to put the CS757 panel in QualityWings but it didn't work, turns out there is coding in the CS 757 model in which the panel needs to function. So the only way I could do this is by modding the .MDL which is impossible without specialized software and the model source code.


In short yes it is possible however you need to experiment to see which kinds of planes do work, some work well, some work ok, and like mentioned above some don't work at all. Flight sim modding is like science it's all about trial and error..


If you are going to copy a panel over to another aircraft it is strongly recommended especially if the panel has custom systems to carry over the .air file from the panel aircraft to the aircraft you want to merge it with, this will prevent glitches and bugs in the panel in most cases.


On the other hand I have Wilco's Airbus Vol 2 and I took the A330 panel from that and merged it with the freeware A330 by Thomas Ruth, it works perfectly. Did the same thing with Just Flights L-1011 pro and merged the panel with another L-1011 made by Tom works absolutely perfect, but I made sure to copy the .air file so I wouldn't or at least would get rid of most of the glitches and bugs with the panel.


Sometimes you have to copy the .air file in order for the panel to work, this doesn't only apply to 2D panels you can merge virtual cockpits as well. Being a L-1011 freak I took the CS TriStar cockpit (absolutely gorgeous) and merged it with the same L-1011 by Tom. It worked fine but turned out the gauges and systems wouldn't work without the .air. But that bad boy in and the cockpit merge worked fine but there is some glitches (nav/landing lights don't work & the cockpit positioning is messed up, too low to the ground)


Just make sure to copy the .air file and you will be fine, but whatever you do DO NOT try this with PMDG planes, you will royally mess up your aircraft if you try this since they coded their software with anti-piracy.

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