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Does having the Acceleration expansion pack change the graphics in the Deluxe version


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I read that the Gold version of FSX is just the Deluxe version with the Acceleration expansion pack added to it. I read that the Acceleration expansion pack adds the following features...


3 aircraft

1) F/A-18 (military jet),

2) EH-1O1 (helo),

3) P-51 (racer variant)

4 systems upgrades

1) Carriers (tailhook, arrestor, catapult, launch bar, meatball)

2) helos ( true multi-engine, hoist, sling loads )

3) Racing engines (ADI, failures)

4) Racing system (gates and laps, counters and timers)

30+ missions,

5+ sceneries.

1) Istanbul

2) Longleat

3) Tempelhof

4) Edwards

5) Reno (for the Reno air race)



What I am wondering is, and basically why I posted this thread, do the graphics change overall in the game from having the Acceleration exp. pack? Like, does it just add new sceneries, or somehow change the graphics to the sceneries that are already in the Deluxe version?

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For me it did. I've just did a fresh installation on a newPC of first FSX with both SP1 and SP2 and then Acceleration. I noticed right off that the graphics were a little better.


Completely irrelevant.

a) The "right off noticed" graphics "being a little better" are 'cos of the new hardware, not 'cos of Accel.

b) Prior to installing Accel, the SP's must be uninstalled (or not installed in the first place).



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