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Long loading times in FSX Gold


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After having fixed the issue back in February, I added 2 AC's 2 days ago, after deleting them including the added gauges to the FSX.cfg file the loading times returned inexplicably??? :rolleyes:

I have checked all I know how to, might not be much, but i found that the logbook.BIN file looks like the images added in the dropbox link, hope it sheds some light to some of you knowhows and that you can help me reduce the times.




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Long loading times can be caused by too many sceneries active in the Library, and/or too many aircraft in the Simobjects folders.

Delete from the Scenery Library sceneries you aren't going to fly over. You don't have to delete them from the HD, just make it so they don't get loaded.

Aircraft, of whatever sort, be they boats, helicopter, airplanes, whatever, can be just put into a zip file someplace. That way, you don't looase them, per se but they are out of the Simobjects folder. OR you can make a storage folder in or out of FSX someplace and put them there. As long as they aren't under the Simobjects folder.


I don't garuntee that this is your trouble, but it's a possibility.

There are a few very good Logbook repair utilities out there, if it turns out that that is your problem too.

Hope it all helps a little bit...



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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I would send you mine, but it's 1001 Kb. And what does: 'the added gauges to the FSX.cfg' mean? What 'gauges'? Don't sound right to me. You hosed your FSX cfg. It is going around in circles (looking everywhere it can) trying to find a file it needs. Back up your FSX.cfg (copy/paste) then delete. When you start FSX it will build a new one. Fly FSX with this new FSX.cfg. If it makes a difference (gets 'fixed') then go look at copy of FSX.cfg to edit (copy/paste) the lines you want to add (ie: tweaks). I don't think anyone can do anything with the log bin. In 9 yrs of FSX I never even LOOKED at that file, more less edit it. Leave it alone. You just GOT to be more careful !!

Chuck B


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And what does: 'the added gauges to the FSX.cfg' mean? What 'gauges'?


C'mon Chuck, he is talking about the [Trusted] section of the FSX.cfg.

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Thank you StringBean for clearing the added gauges out with Chuck.I continue having these Loooooooong loading times, I have noticed though that inmy Scenery.cfg there are some enties that look like this:










Title=Bornholm Island 2011 X

Local=C:\FSX Gold\Addon Scenery\Bornholm Island 2011 X\EKRN





Where the Layer is on a different line, if this could have anything to do with my issue?




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Before attempting any of these generously shared suggestions, because I know,me I will eventually add all my stuff back I decided to Google Again for possible solutions and Voila! I found one that has suited me


I defragmented my drive...Then I loaded a saved flight I have for the captainsims' 727...And from there I loaded my default FSX flight It loaded reasonably. I just tried Again after having left the computer off for a while, after clicking my desktop icon FSX loaded me to cockpit in about one minute! :pilot:


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