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WeGo Airways Virtual looking for new pilots

Guy Hall

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Who Are We?

We are a new virtual airline which started in 2015, operating a wide range of aircraft throughout our virtual airline.


We have our own virtual airline called WeGo Airways, which has been constructed so our scheduled destinations covered have top quality payware available from the likes of Aerosoft and Sim Market, but also destinations that have excellent freeware airports.


Also we offer WeGo World. This is a virtual alliance with real world airlines. So far we have KLM, KLM city hopper, Olympic air, Qantes, Qantas Link, Qantes Cargo, Thomson, United, Virgin Atlantic, Jet2, Flybe, Emirates, Emirates Sky Cargo, Easy Jet, Easy Jet Switzerland SA, BMI Regional and Aegean


We are a five tier airline:


The main airline:

Regional, European, and worldwide schedules to most of the popular and challenging destinations.


The Cargo Division:

Flying to many destinations around the world. WeGo cargo schedules are automatically generated and set up for Short Haul and Long Haul flights, So you will not see the same schedules everyday.


Executive Division:

For our corporate virtual customers, demanding flights in all types business jets. This could be a short flight to Munich, or a long flight to New York, and many more.


Charter Division:

This division is for our virtual customers wishing to go to unique destinations the main airline doesn't cover, i.e. need a party of 6 people in a Cessna Caravan from Biggin Hill to the Scilly Isles.

This could also be a treat from time to time as we deliver aircrafts to all the major airlines around the world, and many flying schools. Example; deliver a brand new Boeing 737-800 from Seattle to Stansted for Ryanair, or deliver a used Cessna 172 from Coventry to Italy for a flying school..


WeGo World:

Just like the real world Oneworld, and World Alliance, WeGo World is a virtual alliance linked to WeGo Airways to link many real world airlines to WeGo. Over the next coming months WeGo will add many real world airlines to the schedule list.


Airlines that are currently linked to WeGo World;

KLM - KLM city hopper - Olympic air - Qantes - Qantas Link - Qantes Cargo - Thomson - United - Virgin Atlantic - Jet2 - Flybe - Emirates - Emirates Sky Cargo - Easy Jet - Easy Jet Switzerland SA - BMI Regional - Aegean


Come and have a look at http://wegoairwaysva.co.uk/

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Hello all pilots out there, I am pleased to announce the following 2 items:


1. WeGo Airways virtual alliance WeGo World, has yet again virtually signed a deal (fictional) with Lufthansa.


Lufthansa is now available to fly with the following;




Dusseldorf (EDDL)

Frankfurt (EDDF)

Munich (EDDM)

Vienna (LOWW)

Zurich (LSZH)


The following fleet for Lufhansa;




Airbus A319/20/21

Airbus A330-300

Airbus A340-3/600

Airbus A380-800

Boeing B737-3/500

Boeing B747-400

Boeing B747-8


This also includes Lufthansa CityLines fleet with CRJ's etc.


2. Easy Jet schedules have been updated to 2016

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