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CS 767 VC window problem


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Hi all

I have just purchased the Captain Sim 767 on sale from Just Flight.

Though listed for FSX I have installed it into P3DV3 with no problems except for when I select the VC the cockpit windows are greyed out.

Various forums mention this problem but I have been unable to find any suggested solutions?

Anybody any ideas ?:confused:

Many Thanks


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IMHO the EMT is a very dangerous bit of software. Thread after thread around the various forums of people who have their system suddenly doing strange things, Files being deleted, etc.


Use it at your own risk but I would certainly not want to be liable for trashing someone's system because they too bad advice.


It is a time bomb - it's not a question of IF it will cause trouble, but when. And we are not even touching the LEGALITY of using it.


To the OP, there are some aircraft that are not DESIGNED to be used in P3D. They use old code that is completely incompatible and not amount of EMT garbage will get it to work. Obviously you have it installed, so that's not the problem so you don't even need EMT - your problem is in the VC code.



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Hi Steve,


First note that I am not a P3D user but have the same product which I used in FSX - I got this title from JF about a year ago and whilst I don't have it currently installed I do remember there being the same issue that was resolved with the installation of a SP pack.


Check out the relevant support page on the Just Flight website for the update.


On the JF website homepage click on the Customer Service link located at top right of the page and then click on the Patches and Updates link located at the bottom of the right hand list. Select the B767 product in the list and click on the Go button. This will display a list of updates with a description of what is fixed and a Q and A section on known issues.




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