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CFS2 Pacific controller inputs


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I am in the process of building a full scale cockpit simulator of an F6F-3 Hell Cat. All components except the throttle are custom built in my shop. One problem I have run into is CFS2 Pacific will only allow one controller to be recognized. I have purchased digital to usb cards fron Desk Top Aviator to activate buttons, switches, control column, weapons, etc. The CFS2 P will let me see the analog (pots, sliders) and Saiteck throttle but will not let me see the other three cards. DTS tells me each card is seen as a controller. All show up in windows to check for active buttons and calibration but do not show up in CFS2 P when in settings to assign functions. I tested them in FSX and all show up. I would use FSX but it does not have combat scenarios like CFS2P.

How can I get CFS2P to see all of my input usb cards?


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