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MS Again Tried To Take Control Of My PC

casey jones

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When I came home I found my PC was running MS had taken control of my pc and was trying to apply W 10

I could not enter my pc for awhile because windows said it was entering new files. I pulled the power on my pc,

then after awhile I re-stared the PC and then GWX came on and let me know that MC tried to put W10 on but

did not succeed. MS informed me they will try again on april 3 1245 AM I will just pull the power again.






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What do you have your Windows Update settings on?

They should be on "Check for updates and let me choose whether to download and install them."

You can do this either through GWX Control Panel or directly in Windows Update.

Sounds to me like you have Automatic Updates enabled at the current time. Big no-no, from my (and probably a few others') POV. Because MS *will* try to take control of your PC. :mad:

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For all this trouble, why not just disconnect from the Internet and spare yourself all the high blood pressure? I'm reminded of what this wacky guy said ...



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