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Missing sound,gauges,effects


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Almost any aircraft I Download has missing files

Why upload a aircraft with missing files

I have hundreds of aircraft saved in backup yet can't find.










If not needed why does cfg list them

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In the case of sound files many people reference files they have on their system, or even alias the sound to a particular aircraft they have, without considering that not everyone has those files. It's easy to alias a downloaded aircraft to the sound file of a similar aircraft you already have, or copy pertinent files from another aircraft (may have to edit the cfg for the filename, or rename the copied files). Or they may not use certain files so don't notice they aren't in the sound folder (someone starting flights with the engines already idling doesn't notice missing start sounds), these files are still referenced in the sound.cfg since many people copy an existing cfg file to tweak for their sounds, ignoring any lines, or even entire sections, they aren't using (FS will ignore any lines for which it doesn't find the corresponding wav in that sound folder). And I frequently remove the gyro sound from aircraft as I find its mosquito like drone quite annoying (is that sound part of this airplane? is it coming from my computer? is it on TV? is it something outside?); I don't consider this unrealistic since most modern pilots wear headphones which would effectively mute the gyro sound anyway.


Missing gauges may be an oversight, or may be due to permissions issues. I've created numerous panels over the years but gave up trying to upload them; at one point I had over 9000 gauges in the gauge folder, some dating back to FS98, with absolutely no idea who created the majority of them ...and could not include them in my upload without written permission from their creators.

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