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Creating photorealistic scenery


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After reading tyberius k's thread on creating photo scenery I got confused. I understood everything up until the point where you must resample and compile everything by changing Photo01.BGL files etc! I'm lost!

Any help on compiling the watermasks and blendmasks would be appreciated


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Above is my tutorial how to do this. Or----- get on Skype and contact me Robert Lacy (I am the one in Ione, WA) I guess there are many.


If you have a good paint program like Corel's PSP or Photoshop, AND SbuilderX I can show you how to do this in about 20 minutes. I am a retired school teacher.


I teach step by step. A few years ago I tried to learn. Many tried to help but just didn't know how to teach. They used terms I did not know what they meant. after a couple of months I finally figure it out.


I consequently posted a quick step by step on SbuilderX and the fellow who WROTE SbuilderX replied and said that was absolutely right!


Subsequently I have taught Almost 20 guys how to do this --- each took about 20 minutes.


so- do it the hard way or the easy way? Skype me bob

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Dietmar- SbuilderX is what I use. I tried to follow various documents for more than a month or so then finally figured it out And posted a step by step process for which I got a response that this was fine.


Ija- Once you have your 'add map from background' you find your bmp in SBX\tools\work folder. You take that bmp (always try to start with a summer rendering) to your paint program.


Using black and white colors paint everything you want the user to see of your new photoreal .... WHITE.


Paint everything you want the user to see as default FSX.... BLACK.


Along the black and white colors take your smudge brush as a rather large circle and at (suggestion) hardness about 46 or so and opacity at about 42 or so, and left click-hold and work in circles to smear the area where black and white meet.


all this is basic to start with.


Now- do a SAVEAS.............. (NOT SAVE) Add _B to the end of the file name (do NOT change the rest of the file name) and then choose tiff and hit ok.


Wait a bit - It will take a moment to do this. When done X out of your paint program and go back to SbuilderX...Bring up your project again.... choose select all maps. NOW------ click the green arrow (little white arrow with green background)


Next window should have photoreal check already (if not you didn't select all maps- go back and do it). Then click 'compile'.


DOS screen starts running. If it s a big file.... go outside and smoke a rope for a bit.


When done go to SbuilderX\tools\work folder and find photo01. Rename this to anything you want. Once renamed put that in your active scenery and go see. If your LOD was too low you might not see it. If your scenery is not active in FSX you will not se it. Find me on Skype if you have any problems. On Skype I am Robert Lacy (I'm the one in IONE, WASHINGTON) Bob

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