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Maybe AFCAD maybe just time


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Hello all, been a while since I've had to ask a question but I got one that's confusing me. OK I flew in from KCLT to KAUS. Imaginesim both airports with full aes support. Flight left Charlotte at 2035, two hrs 25 minutes later I'm on Austin ramp and not one single gate is available. So here's the question, if I can find the correct afcad for KAUS can I just delete a gate in afcad so no one parks there . Just like my personal spot. Will that mess up aes. Let me know my options guys and gals. Thank in advance.
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[TABLE=width: 100%, align: center][TR=bgcolor: #EFEFEF][TD]FS2004 (ACOF) - Misc.FS2004 Creating VIP Parking

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Name: vp_park.zip

Size: 727,141 Date: 07-27-2008 Downloads: 1,128



FS2004 Creating VIP Parking for Commercial Airliners - an Illustrated Guide. After landing a commercial airliner, are you frustrated by ATC directing you to a gate which is nowhere near a logical spot? This guide shows how to create a reserved parking gate at any airport and have ATC direct you properly to that gate. This concept will work for a specific aircraft of your choice. The technique is based upon investigations and information developed by Jim Vile and Reggie Fields. Tested in FS2004 only. Compiled in .doc and PDF formats for your flying enjoyment by David "Opa" Marshall.


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