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Lockheed Constellation Restoration Project

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Lockheed Constellation Restoration By Dynamic Aviation In Bridgewater Virginia.


Aircraft Information: "Columbine II"

This 1948 Lockheed C-121A Constellation, USAF SN 48-610,

was President Eisenhower’s “Air Force One” in 1952-54.


The first presidential aircraft identified as “Air Force One”

The only “Air Force One” that was ever sold by the U.S. government.


Dynamic Aviation will begin restoring it over the next 3-4 years. It has been sitting in Arizona since 1996.

On it's flight here the crew had to stop in Texas to repair a fuel leak.


I have volunteered some of my time to help bring it back to it's original condition.

The Constellation is powered by: 4 × Wright R-3350-DA3 Turbo Compound 18-cylinder supercharged radial engines, 3,250 hp (2,424 kW) each. One of the few early prop driven aircraft that has reverse thrust capabilities. Open public events will be held periodically concerning it's restoration. Very Cool Project!SMALLCONNIE.jpg


Updates as her progress moves forward!


Aaron Swindle

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