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New small graphics card, better than HD5770?

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I have just got a PC (4free). Not complete up2date but decent specs.

It is a Mini ATX, i5, 4GB, 256 GB SSD and a Asus HD5770 1GB. Bus is x16 2.0. PSU is 380W.


I have installed FSX Steam on it, and it is working well.


I would like to update the graphics card, but the problem is that the height of the graphics card must not be bigger than the metal bracket height. The screw that holds the card has only 2-3 mm to the case.


Another problem might be the x16 2.0 and not 3.0?


I was looking for a GFX 750 range card, but havn't found any that matches the height limitations.


So if anyone out there have cards that matches this, then i would very much like to have the card models :-)




br Lars

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Before you rush to the store. Does your power supply have a 8 pin connector available? Check. Prebuilt pc's usually have only the required ones and not much extra.


Also often the power supply is not very strong. The card may need a lot of power. Adapter cables exist to turn one connector into another type, but the power supply must also give enough power.

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