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map pop-up details missing


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I recently noticed something different. It used to be, when looking at the map, there would be a small window pop-up whenever my cursor hovered over a feature on the map. For example, with the cursor hovering over a VOR, it would show the ID, frequency and type of the VOR. Very handy! But now, this doesn't work any more. Hovering the cursor does nothing. To get the details, I have to click on the feature. Any idea why this changed, and how to restore it?


It is common to all aircraft I've tried.


I know it's a minor irritation, but it is annoying when things are different for no apparent reason. I can't think of anything I've done that might have caused this. It happened about the time I installed a new airplane, but I can't imagine how adding an airplane folder affected the map (the new airplane was installed manually, not with a .exe).




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Zoom in once or twice then try again. Some features will only show when you zoom in.

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This is a long shot, but it could be a vid driver issue; have you updated those lately? Tooltips are created as overlays and many drivers have options for how these are handled; I recall a thread on this with FSX but cannot find it now.
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