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Ultimate Terrain: USA for FS2004


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I've not been able to try this myself, but I found a commercial download that uses map data to put roads, railroad tracks, and other things into FS9. They have it for other versions of FS, as well. There are some pictures of the way it makes things look on their website:




The product is only available for download, which is what is currently keeping me from trying it myself.



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Guest Sascha66

UT can be configured with the included utility to suit each taste. It also has nice vector lights for roads which take the sim to another level entirely! Also includes Canada and Alaska.


UT Europe is also a musthave for anyone flying thee.


A shame no such products exist for Asia and Africa yet, although the OSM World project initiated by Mario Noriega will soon fill this gap! http://forum.avsim.net/forum/719-mario-noriega-designs/

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